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       We celebrate the bachelor party with style at our erotic massage salon Vip Zone in Bucharest.

       Soon must get married? Do you want a memory before the big day? Well tradition says that before every marriage, every groom must enjoy the most ” wild ” night of his life. So what does better opportunity to remain your memory than the hottest bachelor party?

       We can create for you a special offer to celebrate this special day. Our package includes besides the great range of adult entertainment and group activities, plenty of drink and pleasure for the palate, gorgeous ladies, surprise gifts and of course, last but not least, erotic massages. We guarantee that you will not want the fun to end ever.

       What sets us apart from the competition is six years of experience in organizing different types of private parties among which: theme parties, private parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties, corporate parties.

       Also, a detail that sets us apart, is the quality of services, the seriousness with which we treat each client and each party separately, and not least the staff who are specially trained to meet the most demanding requirements from our customers.

       Our offer, extensively for bachelor party in Bucharest, if you got bored of visiting the usual striptease clubs and wait for some more, sounds like this:

       We take as secret ingredient that will spice up your party, our location, or if you do not want to party in town, we bring the party at your place, in case this is what you wish. 

       Our salon is located in a luxurious villa, in downtown Bucharest, on Mihail Kogalniceanu Boulevard, No. 20, near the park Cismigiu. You can enjoy yourself of the much coveted privacy any day of the week, along with your group of friends, away from the city bustle and curious eyes.

       300 sqm where you can place your party as you want to customize it. A living room, with capacity up to 30 people simultaneously. We add the nine massage parlor rooms where you can go with the ladies for a massage session.

       During a bachelor party in Bucharest we add: smoke machines, fireworks on the terrace, balloons and confetti.

       The party takes place in an intimate setting, without access to other people outside your guests.

       The drink is on your choice and you can select exactly what you want, we guarantee that we will meet your demands.

       Many foods and dishes specially selected, hot or cold, only after your culinary preferences at which we add from pleasures for the palate – take a few pieces of ‘sexycelent taste experience’ ‘- erotic cakes are perfect for any bachelor party.

       Music = playlist chosen by the salon or according to the declared preferences of the participants at the bachelor party.

       Because from year to year, according to customers’ wishes, we got to have plenty of services, we mention just a few of the services offered:

  • female striptease for the bachelor party. – The ladies will wear special outfits and have prepared choreography
  • erotic show – incendiary moments between two or more girls, performed right before your eyes
  • erotic lap dance – the erotic dance that will let you feel the desired lady on your lap.
  • oriental dance
  • erotic massage – massage with completion
  • jacuzzi massage
  • double massage – erotic massage in the company of two ladies
  • sweepstakes prizes

       For us to come in your help to ensure a successful bachelor party, from which nothing will be missing, you must provide the following information:

  • total number of participants
  • Approximate budget (entertainment, massages, food, drink, personalized gifts, etc.)
  • wishes, drink and food
  • music (if you have a distinct preference)