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Erotic massage with completion for men/women

For 3 payed hours you get 1 hour for free. For 5 payed hours you get 2 hours for free.


Erotic couple massage / massage with completion at double

(In the company of two ladies)

The price of each girl can vary from the choices of masseuse you make


Jacuzzi massage

Along with the price of the chosen lady you need to pay 100 lei more for a jacuzzi massage session. The session lasts 60 minutes.

Sedinta dureaza 60 minute.


Friends know why 3+1 free

At 3 friends who pay a massage session, the fourth receives a free session


Friends know why 5+2 free

At 5 friends who pay a massage session, the other 2 get free sessions.


Happy Hours between 14.00-18.00

You pay 60 minutes and you spend 90 minutes at the same price.


Double Happy Hours

2 ladies at promotional price: the first lady is at full price, the 2nd one at half price

– 60 minutes with both of them



Masseuse at a price of 250 lei

       Like diamonds, our masseuses at this price represent a benchmark of feminine perfection. The provocative body, perfectly sculpted that delight the senses, the friendly attitude that the ladies show and the impeccable quality of services make these girls to fall into the salon every man seeking the perfect woman.



Masseuse at a price of 200 lei

       Masseuses at this price received from our loyal customers the attribute of winners, performance and success. The positive feedbacks, pleasant appearance, pleasant presence, experience in the art of relaxation and erotic massage, bring the ladies with gold medals in top 3 of perfection.



Masseuse at a price of 150 lei

       By choosing these masseuses, you will find in them an inner beauty that never pales. They will radiate around you and will give you unique erotic experiences, creating an environment propitious to escape from everyday life.