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       Our erotic massage salon offers erotic massage sessions directly to your home or hotel room in Bucharest.

      We know that every person needs a space to feel safe so we mixed the ingredients of a perfect erotic massage parlor Bucharest sessions, allowing us to provide the same type of memorable experience in your hotel room.We have also adjusted all our messages to have a happy ending, which will translate into satisfaction of the final result of all our customers.

       Our masseuses will have all the ‘equipment’ necessary for the development of an erotic massage session at your place ( we inform you that are not used massage beds, but the ladies develops their services discreet and will use hotel beds). The massage oil, massage cream, disposable bed sheet, wet and dry wipes are part of the package that accompanied the ladies. Also we would like to announce that there will be no problems with access into the hotel because all our ladies are working perfectly legal and will come accompanied by invoice and delegation.

       The conduct is:

       Enter our site of erotic massage salon, opt for alternative travel massage at the hotel or home, look on ladies profiles and will choose one of them (or maybe even more).

       Ladies profiles include both a description of their physical and massage techniques used, everything is designed for you in order to make the right and proper choice of the desired Miss, according to your standards. We can assure you the veracity of ladies masseuses pictures.

       When you have chosen the lady we invite you to call the phone number displayed 0725.25.25.00. An operator will answer you and will support you until the masseuse will get to you.

       Details necessary for a lady to come to you: your name in order to make the confirmation in the hotel room, or, or if it’s your house – your full address and your name.

       Our operator will call the number of the hotel and will require connection in your hotel room (will not specify that is calling from an erotic massage salon- discretion is important to us) and thus will be able to send confirmation and masseuse at you.

       All ladies masseuses are young, attractive, sexy, well qualified, engaged with all legal and medical tests to date.

       Ladies prices are set according to several criteria carefully selected, among which we can mention the following: ladies experience, the quality of messages, feedback received from our loyal customers, as well as the physical aspect of ladies, etc.
      We guarantee that you will find in our salon girls for all tastes and for all budgets also.

       Separately from the price of erotic massage session will be paid a transportation fee, round trip – to and from the salons lady.

       The ladies are dressed properly for hotel or home visits. The outfits worn by them are not vulgar nor conspicuous than in a pleasant, elegant way.

       While waiting for the ladies you should just relax and wait for them to come to you. You set how you want to be the atmosphere, so you have 30 minutes until the arrival of the masseuse, to think of the music you want and you like during the massage, which is the optimum temperature in which you feel good and other issues that will let them be set by you.

       Depending on where you live / is the hotel, can reach you within 30-40 minutes after placing the order.

       What does an erotic massage session contain at hotel or home?

       First we inform you that a session lasts 60 minutes and starts when the masseuse lady came to you and you paid for the service and the masseuse confirms the beginning of massage hour.

       A massage session can be configured according to your desires, a standard session is following these steps:

  • 15-20 minutes to relax the body and eliminate fatigue and stress through a relaxing massage which will stimulate circulation and lymph, but will induce a good feeling.
  • 15-20 minutes of prelude – body to body massage, a sensual massage with certain parts of Miss on your body, delicate touches meant to stimulate, excite and induce you into a state of ecstasy.
  • 15-20 minutes in which the erogenous zones of your body will be exploited so at the end to reach strong sensations during orgasm. The erotic massage includes professional tantra techniques that will carry you into a massage with an explosive completion/ending.
  • 10 minutes- at the end of the massage session the Miss will accompany you at shower -you will benefit from a shower assisted by a warm and pleasant company.

       When the Miss left your place we expect your feedback and tell us your opinion. These feedback helps us constantly learn your degree of satisfaction, and if the satisfaction was not full we want to know why and try to do things perfect. The feedback refers to give the Miss a rate from 1 to 10 regarding quality massage, Misses attitude and a value price.

       If you are an adventurer or pretentious man, you can choose a double erotic massage at home in Bucharest. For an hour, two girls of your choice, will offer simultaneously an erotic massage that will lead to the highest peaks of pleasure.In this way you get to double the fun, double the relaxation, double the excitement, satisfaction and not to forget, double memories.The experience will be unforgettable and satisfaction will certainly be full!



Masseuse at a price of 350 lei

       Like diamonds, our masseuses at this price represent a benchmark of feminine perfection. The provocative body, perfectly sculpted that delight the senses, the friendly attitude that the ladies show and the impeccable quality of services make these girls to fall into the salon every man seeking the perfect woman.



Masseuse at a price of 300 lei

       Masseuses at this price received from our loyal customers the attribute of winners, performance and success. The positive feedbacks, pleasant appearance, pleasant presence, experience in the art of relaxation and erotic massage, bring the ladies with gold medals in top 3 of perfection.



Masseuse at a price of 250 lei

       By choosing these masseuses, you will find in them an inner beauty that never pales. They will radiate around you and will give you unique erotic experiences, creating an environment propitious to escape from everyday life.